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In this Code Denver post, we will cover our core application development services.  Web Development and App Development are continuously changing which is why it is important to understand those trends, how you can stay in front of the trends and where we can help serve your business.

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is another continuously morphing service and because of that can be confusing.  In the beginning, mobile application development was primarily focused on providing access to an application on a phone or PDA.  Do you remember the iPaq by Compaq or Apple’s Newton? Most phones have included a browser on the ROM since the early 2000s. Today, mobile app development encompasses a much broader set of devices – including tablets, phablets and phones. Mobile apps may come in the form of a simple responsive web application, hybrid application or a native application – all of which are accessible on any device.  You can read more about our mobile app development in our Code Denver – App Development series.

Web Site Development

Web site development can also be confusing since the development styles and patterns have changed quite a bit.  In the past, if your company wanted to build a website, you needed a full web development team. Today, with the sheer number of platforms you can build a custom website with a smaller, nimbler, multi-skilled team (like we have at Code Denver) for a fraction of the cost. A decade ago, WordPress was primarily used for blogging but then pivoted to serving pages as well as blog posts.  This was a brilliant move by the WordPress team and now, they boast of almost 75 million sites on their web platform, tripling their market share in 7 years.  While Code Denver still builds completely custom web sites for companies, we also work with organizations to build out, and customize WordPress, Drupal and Joomla sites.

Code Denver has been serving clients well for almost 2 decades. We build robust mobile apps, web apps and cloud solutions for customers. Reach out and say hello.