A Hidden Gem of Denver

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Littleton Jewelry is a family-owned jewelry business which fosters an environment of neighborliness and hospitality. They welcome customers with a family-friendly approach, and have a reputation for being among the best jewelry specialists! When we … Read More

Mobile Learning

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How does your company communicate important branding messages, vision and best practices out to your employees? With people on the go, sitting at the computer and training on boring content annually just isn’t practical. Thankfully, … Read More

Videos For Everyone!

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When a client says they have a dream, we listen closely! For decades, a client in the youth sports arena had a dream to offer each of the league’s teams (2,000 per year) a custom, … Read More

Event Registration

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Rocky Mountain Events hosts several distinguished Colorado cycling events annually – serving thousands of enthusiasts per race! Marketing to prospects was a real challenge, because they needed to ensure they were getting the right message … Read More

Distressed Banks

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Some investors are always looking for a diamond in the rough. While many found the financial collapse of 2008 to be devastating, one of our clients found opportunity. We helped to streamline the data aggregation … Read More

Kickstart This!

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Crowd-sourced project funding – The jury is still out as to whether or not this is “good for the artist”. But this jury says “Go for it”. codeDenver was asked to strategize on a Kickstarter … Read More

Social Media Queries

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The client had both a Fan Page and a Profile page with thousands of “fans/friends”. This final tally was critical in deciding how to estimate her Kickstarter fundraising target. codeDenver wrote a custom FQL script … Read More

Online Reputation Engine

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With the proliferation of the social media space, it seems many clients are concerned about their online reputation, and with good reason. codeDenver built a spider which queries a defined set of URLs and notifies … Read More

SQL Injection Prevention

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SQLi vulnerabilities are everywhere. Most public scanning services do not thoroughly check websites because they do not scan deep enough. The only way to know if your website is vulnerable is to examine every single … Read More

XSS Prevention

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XSS vulnerabilities are even more common than SQLi issues across web applications. Generally, XSS exploits are not as troublesome as SQLi unless combined with other attack vectors. Recent clients have been interested in ensuring the … Read More