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Denver App Developers – App Development Tips and Approaches

Before you begin developing a mobile application, you need to choose an app development strategy.  According to our Code Denver app developers, there are several approaches to developing a mobile application, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. We’ll briefly cover the approaches in this overview and go into detail in the following posts. In short, the three options for developing a mobile application include developing a Web app, Native app or Hybrid app.

Building a Web App
Building a Web app is one of the simplest approaches for building a mobile application.That’s because the mobile application can run inside of a browser, like Chrome, Firefox or Edge. This is one of the least expensive options, but also comes with some caveats. While you will save money using this model, you’ll sacrifice features, speed and user experience. Web Apps are not “bad” choices, you can definitely build and deploy a decent app this way, but if your feature set is beyond retrieving and displaying data, you might consider another approach.

Building a Native App
Building a Native app is one of the best approaches for building a mobile application because your users will have a fantastic experience and the application will perform well on both Android and IOS. Since you’re building natively for each platform, you can have a robust set of features – much more so than a web app. While this approach is the most expensive your end-product will be the best of three approaches.

Building a Hybrid App
A hybrid app is simply a combination of a web app and a native app. Essentially, you’re building a web app inside of a native app container. Products like Apache Cordova (Phonegap) help developers to wrap and deploy hybrid applications. Developer IDEs like Sencha Architect can be used to aid in the app development process.

Consider the following questions and thoughts as you develop your app development strategy:

  • Timing – How fast do you need the app?
  • Complexity – What app features are required for the product to functional properly?
  • User Experience – Consider the quality of the user experience your striving to deliver
  • Budget – Consider your capital investment and ROI

Before choosing your approach for app development, consider your business needs, the skills of your developers, cost and timelines. Each approach offers different advantages and disadvantages and you should understand those before jumping into development.

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