In Denver and Need an App Developer? – 3 Tips to Consider During the Sales Process

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Hey Denver!  Are you looking to hire a Denver app developer or an Denver-based app development company for your platform? Navigating the decision process can be challenging and frequently, depending on your background, you may think you need one set of skills, when you need another set. Here are a few tips you should consider during the sales process:

  • 1. What kind of experience does the team have?

App development is a highly refined process. If you’re building a native application, your app development team will need not only Objective C/Swift experience but Java experience as well. If the Denver team is lacking in either area, that platform will suffer in some regard.

  • 2. What type of server platform is recommended?

Not only do you need a great front end for your application, but you need a robust server platform. Many companies will try to sell you their “custom” platform. Be wary of this recommendation. It is certainly possible some companies have a great in-house platform with strong technical benefits. However, many times these platforms have only been used once, perhaps for an internal application, and were never designed to be a platform. Conversely, using node.js or a node-based platform on the server will allow you to build out a custom API relatively easy. Cloud providers like Azure and AWS fully embrace this style of back-end platform. So be cautious choosing “proprietary” back-end solutions which are used to differentiate during the sales process.

  • 3. How will your tech team scale the application?

Application scaling is often ignored during the beginning of the design process. Customers often may feel like they just want to quickly “get something out there”. The “quick” approach can work if you have additional capital earmarked to refactor the application later, but in our experience, that tier-two capital may be hard to come. Instead, at Code Denver, we recommend spending a little more time in the design process so as to deliver a viable, light-weight product which scales from the beginning. If you find yourself thinking you just want a prototype as a deliverable, you may need to spend a touch more time on your business and marketing plan for this product offering. You want to enter into the design phase with a clear vision on what features user’s genuinely need first. Prioritize your features by the most-desired and do your best to deliver those from the very beginning.

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