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Phone systems, otherwise known as IVR systems (interactive voice response) can be a bit antiquated.  Some might go so far as to call them terrible (especially if built poorly), but in corporate America, they are a given.  You just have to accept that fact.  What I don’t accept is that they can come at a high financial cost for enterprises.  Many IVR providers demand a high monthly subscription fee with a “package of minutes”. The problem with bundling buckets of minutes into pricing is that inevitably you have to choose to go over or under on a regular basis.  This model is not uncommon in the telecom industry (think mobile service providers). And in fact, the use it or lose business model is one of the most popular consumer business models around.  Providers love this model, because largely the consumer is overpaying.  And when you go over, you’re paying even more.  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way in IVR.

CodeDenver was introduced to a non-profit customer using the Angel IVR platform.  After some due diligence, we discovered they were paying over $6,000/year for their IVR service.  Some of the peak months pushed the client into paying over $1,000 per month which meant calls were averaging as high as 15c per minute.  CodeDenver’s Denver web development  team recommended rebuilding their IVR system from scratch using Twilio’s Voice API.  Twilio has a great pay-as-you-go pricing model for their Voice API and calls can frequently be as low as $.01 per minute.  We had the privilege of building an IVR web application which is functionally better than what the Angel platform offered at a fraction of the cost.  The customer was ahead of the game in less than 4 months.  Since the customer switched over to the new system, they’ve saved almost $20,000, effectively eliminated RoboCalls and improved call quality.

Paying too much for your IVR phone system?  Our Denver web development team loves helping clients trim overhead costs.  We can help your business too and improve your customer’s experience! Reach out and say hello.