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Finally, the app development team at Waze has been able to expand the mapping app to CarPlay! With iOS 12, Apple CarPlay added support for 3rd party mapping providers. This is such a welcomed change for iOS users since Waze is the 2nd most popular native app for drivers (strangely Google Maps still holds the number 1 spot). I tried out the new version on CarPlay this weekend in Denver and Dallas, and I give the app development team a 10 on the implementation!

The CarPlay user interface functions exactly as you would expect, plus, now you have the visual map! Additionally, you have on-screen options for notifying the community of safety issues or officers on patrol.

Personally, I love Waze not only because it’s the best mapping app out there, but because its success is largely community-driven. The app is “better” than the competition because people genuinely want to help other users to have a better driving experience. Waze is one the best ethical examples for a digital community working together for the common good. Yes, there are badges for being a top contributor, but I would bet the app gamification element is only a subtle influence on their user’s behavior.

While our Denver team was not part of the app development team for Waze, we did learn a few things from their app development team! Hats off the the mobile development programming team at Waze. And if you don’t have Waze and you do have CarPlay, you’re missing out, so download it today.

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