Android Instant Apps

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Denver App Developers – About a year ago, Google announced a notable new feature of the Google Play store – Android Instant Apps.  This gives users (and potential app customers) the ability to “try” an app out without the full download and installation process. From a developer’s perspective, I do find this quite interesting.  As a tech guy, the download and installation experience is not a barrier to entry for me.  I’m quite comfortable trying out an app and if I don’t like it, just deleting it afterwards.

However, for non-tech users, I have to admit the idea of downloading a native app quickly with a fully integrated experience originating from Chrome is quite interesting.  Google is trying to create a seamless experience across their browser platform.  Navigating a user outside of the search results to Google Play is definitely a problem because it creates a disjointed user experience. The ability for Google to carry the user experience from Chrome into a native app is a solid move – perhaps a move that Apple and the iOS team should consider as well.

What are you thoughts?  Do you use the “Try Now” feature and what do you think?

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